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"Behavioral Wellness" in the Veterinary Practice

Behavior Management

in the Veterinary Practice

Why care about behavior?

Behavior is a vital part of the picture in every visit to the veterinary clinic. Behavior choices are unavoidable, and each choice affects not just the current visit, but all future visits.

When behavior is adequately addressed handling is easier, visits are shorter, diagnostics are better, clients are happier and better bonded to the practice and thus more likely to return, dogs and cats remain in their homes, and everyone on the team is safer.

Additionally, we know that - despite the fact that Americans spend $53 billion on their pets each year - dog visits to the veterinarian have slipped by 21%, and cat visits by 30% since 2001 (according to the American Veterinary Medical Association). While economics obviously play a role in that damaging trend, so does behavior. One of the top 6 reasons for the decline in visits is (perceived) stress. 58% of cat owners and 37.5% of dog owners say their pet hates going to the vet. 37.6% of cat owners and 26.2 % of dog owners get stressed out just thinking about going to the veterinary hospital! (The Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study)

Behavior is vital to veterinary practice.

Helping to maintain the human- companion-animal bond  is good community service AND good business!


We will create a Behavior Management Program for your practice, including:

Staff Training

Bite Prevention - reduce injuries, and their cost to the practice and community

Recognizing Behavior Problems - Pick up on problems while they are solvable -- keep clients!

Temperament Training and Desensitization - for new Puppies & Kittens

Puppy Parties

A fun introduction to the clinic for new clients and new pets

An excellent time to introduce concept about "socialization", temperament training, command response training, and more.

A great way to bond clients to the practice!

Behavior Exam

Behavior Exam Stamp - Objective Assessment

Screening Questionnaire - Subjective Assessment

Behavior Modification Tools

“Must-have” tools for every practice

See Resources page

Problem-solving Tools to offer Clients

Behavior and Training Handout Evaluation

Write your own vs. purchase a “packet”

Evaluation of commercially available handouts


In-Clinic Counseling vs. Referral - Evaluation

What types of problems can staff responsibly counsel owners about?

How to outsource or refer behavior problems

Please See "Resources for the Veterinary Clinic" for additional resources -- including what to stock in your "behavior crash cart"


Please call (949 497-7050) or email behavioralwellness@dubdubdog.com * to Schedule an Evaluation or In-Service Training.

*( Note:  to defeat spammers, you must cut-and-paste the email address, it is not "clickable". Sorry for the inconvenience.)


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