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Schedule of Classes


Classes Offered

Puppy Kindergarten

For Puppies from 9 weeks to 20 weeks at beginning of class - with some exceptions. Call 949 497-7050 or email penny @ whatagoodpuppy.com (remove the spaces I added...) if you have any questions about appropriateness.

Gentle, positive training and socialization are vital for all puppies (whether from breeder or rescue). Topics include: house manners,  (house training, playbiting, etc.); temperament training (anti-aggression, handling and socialization exercises) and obedience training (leash walking, sit, down, stand, stay, come, shake, rollover). Children are encouraged to attend (with parents).

All Puppy Kindergarten participants who attend at least 6 classes have the opportunity to become "STAR" puppies, via the AKC STAR Puppy program.

7 weeks (1 hr, once a week) $180.


Dog School  ( For dogs from 20 weeks up)

Gentle, effective, positive reinforcement training is ideal for any dog big or small.  (Shelter/rescue dogs, too!)  Learn behaviors and skills for real life:  Attention, Loose leash, walking, sit, down, stay, come, Go to Place, Leave It, Plus, learn tricks and problem/solving prevention. 

8 weeks (1 hr, once a week) $190

Small Dogs Class

Pet Tips for Petites!  Same basic curriculum as Dog School (above) but with special equipment, techniques and problems solving for the little guys.  Includes housetraining advice, help with shyness, etc. 

8 weeks (1 hr, once a week) $190

Advanced Class

This is fun! We work on retrieving, targeting, go-outs, directions (go left, go right), out-of-sight stays, off-leash heeling, distant downs, recalls from distraction, drop on recall (interrupting the Come with a Down command) and more!  Of course, this class is non-force, as are all of DubDub's offerings.  Prior training is required for participation. See also Books for Advanced Class to order your reading materials.

Agility for Fun

You and your dog play and learn with the closed and open tunnels, broad jump, high jump, weave poles and more! We learn a bit about "steering" and control on course, too. (Note: this class does require prior training. It is not, however, a competition level class.)

Canine Good Citizen Class

In this class we practice the skills necessary for you and your dog to earn the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Certificate.  Your Graduation Class will be the official AKC test, administered by Penny, who is an AKC evaluator.  Click to see what the CGC involves.

Therapy Dog Class

Preparing dogs to visit care-giving settings such as nursing homes and hospitals. We will work on: control behaviors around equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs; positioning to give and receive affectionate touching - paws up, chin targeting, side targeting, kiss; safety behaviors such as leave it; and reading the dog and the situation so everyone stays safe and has fun.

Taking It On The Road!

(5 months & Up) Do not bring your dog to the first class!Taking our show on the road! This class meets at a different, predetermined locations each week (downtown, the beach, the park and restaurants). We will work on attention, walking on a loose leash, come, leave it, stays with lots of distraction, dog greetings, etc. All dogs must be dog-friendly, and have had some previous training. Limited to 5 dogs.


This 4 week specialty class will be devoted to sharpening your dog’s response to the Come command, even when distracted.  We will work in a safe, enclosed area, and progress to working off-leash .  Class is limited to friendly dogs.


Want to have fun with your smart dog? Tricks taught will include shake, rollover, wave, bow, beg, jump-through-a-hoop, ring-a-bell, close-the-door, wipe-your-feet, and .... ? Learn to invent and teach a trick of your own!



“Good With Kids?” Alarmingly, children under the age of 10 are the biggest group of victims for dog bites. These bites are usually delivered by the family dog, or a neighbor’s dog (not a stray) yet, the family pet can be a child’s greatest playmate, confidante and teacher. Learn about choosing, training and living with a child-safe dog. (Are there “dangerous” breeds? Should you dominate your dog? Do your children understand your dog’s body language?, plus much more.)




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