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Schedule of Classes

General Policies for Group Classes

1.  Group class is not appropriate for dogs who demonstrate dog to dog or dog to person aggression.  Help  is available for aggressive dogs.  Please call 949 497-7050 or e-mail Penelope to set up a consultation.    

2. There is no refund available if you drop class. I cannot re-sell your place-- and we need you as part of our experience! In some cases, you may be able to transfer to another class.

3.  The first class of each series is an orientation.  Please come without your dog.  You will be taking notes about class, so please bring writing materials, electronic or otherwise! 

4.  Please attend each class session.  If it is impossible for you to come to class, do make sure you are reading the homework Homework for Group Classes so you can keep up.

5.  Dogs must be currently vaccinated to attend class.  If your dog seems sick (coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) please leave him at home.  Please do come to class though, to observe so that you will be able to practice with him during the week.

6. Please bring small, yummy (preferably soft) training treats, a comfortable, 4 or 6 foot nylon, leather or cotton webbing leash, a scooper and control equipment (as needed) such as the  Gentle Leader, SENSE-ible Harness or Easy Walk Harness to class with you.   (Note - DubDubDog classes use positive reinforcement--not force.  We do not work the dogs on pinch collars or choke chains.)

7.  In case of rain, please call 949 497-7050 one hour before your class time.  If the class has been canceled, the answering machine message will have been changed to tell you of the cancellation.  If we have to cancel, we will make up the class at the next scheduled meeting time. Classes held indoors, such as the Laguna Beach classes held in the Large Multi-purpose room at Lang Park, will not be cancelled for rain.

8.  Work with your dog regularly.  Short frequent sessions are best.  Decide on a small goal to work towards in the training session.  If you haven't decided what "counts as good" for this training session you will not reward it when you see it, and you and your dog will not progress as smoothly and rapidly as you might.  

9.  Work with your dog in a variety of different locations.  Dogs don't generalize well--the dog who "sit-stays" in your kitchen and "comes" in the backyard will need additional work at the beach and park to be reliable.

10.  Integrate your dog's training into his daily life. His most powerful rewards may be meals, walks, playtime, visits with dog buddies, etc. Don't waste these powerful opportunities: Work them into training.

11.  To be a "well-behaved" dog, in addition to training time, your dog needs company, exercise, play and chances to problem-solve (games such as hide-n-seek, and puzzle toys like the Kong, Buster Cube or Busy Buddy Toys).

12.  Enjoy your dog and enjoy your training time!