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Good Books and More

Books by Penelope!
(Available from Amazon.com and elsewhere)

Why Do They Do What They Do?: Real Answers to the Curious Things Puppies Do. Is your puppy driving you crazy by crying all night long? Do you wonder why your puppy goes on frenzies, running like mad around the house? Or are you amused yet confused when your puppy chases his tail? Open the pages of Penny's book and you'll laugh and learn as you go through those difficult puppy months.

Why Do They Do What They Do?: Real Answers to the Curious Things Kittens Do. How can a little kitten wreak so much havoc, jumping on counters, playing in the wee hours of the night, and climbing drapes? And have you ever wondered why your kitten gives you sandpaper kisses and sits on your shoulders? You'll find quick and easy answers to the many kitten quandaries within the pages of this book.


Books for Advanced Class

Culture Clash - The best dog book ever written!  A required text not just for class, but for life with a dog. Please also read Click for Joy!


Our Favorites


Culture Clash...Jean Donaldson



Clicking with Your Dog - Step-by-Step in Pictures...Peggy Tillman


by Suzanne Hetts & Daniel Estep



The Other End of The Leash...Patricia McConnell


Videos and DVDs

Clicker Puppy  a clicker training video that's geared especially for children and puppies. Covers -basic obedience, essential manners like sit-to-greet, and tricks, too!  All kids training puppies!


Perfect Paws in 5 Days

The above Books and Videos Available from:

Online resources

YouTube Channels

DogStar Daily

Dr Sophia Yin

Animal Behavior Resource ABRIonline



How to Choose a Puppy

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