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Schedule of Classes


In-Home Training

Training designed around your needs and those of your pet.  We work on basic command response (using, as always, the completely gentle, highly effective techniques in which we specialize), individualizing the lessons, making them specific to your goals and  your dog's temperament and learning rate.  If you are experiencing any behavior problems with your pet (housesoiling, destruction, digging, barking, etc.) we will address those issues, too, and set up daily routines to help with problem prevention. 

Private lessons take place at the time and location of your convenience.  We can work with your dog on Come right on the beach where he has evaded you so often, work on Sit-Stay at the very door he escapes from, and so on.  

Private lessons are ideal when you want your younger children to be able to participate in and absorb the work we will do.  Private lessons are also the best choice for those with busy and/or unpredictable schedules.  

We offer convenient packages, at a significant discount over individual lesson pricing .  Call (949 497-7050) or e-mail Penelope to discuss your dog's needs.


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