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Puppy Selection Counseling

Choosing the new Canine Family member is a big adventure.  Let DubDubDog help you achieve a happy outcome.

What age, what sex, what source, what breed?  Which choices are the right ones for your family and situation? 

Dogs of different breeds differ not just in the obvious ways (size, shape, coat length), they also differ hugely in activity level, sociability, predatory drive, and in many, many other ways. 

Don't limit your choices to the just the breeds you now know.  What about a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, a Portuguese Water Dog, a Havanese?  One of these might be your "perfect" dog!

Further, each breed and mix of breeds may have inheritable health problems.  We can help you with access to good data, and selection of a responsible breeder. 

We will meet with you and assess your family and set up, and with you, select the breeds that are likely to integrate smoothly, then help you to choose a breeder, evaluate the litter, and more.

Call 949 497-7050 or e-mail Penelope to ask any questions or set and appointment.