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Restrained Recalls
Tips for success

Person holding dog doesn't interact-- Hold with hands against chest, or with one hand on chest and one on flank-- pulling back to engage opposition reflex, or, if that makes the dog engage with the neutral restraining person-- have them hold by collar or leash, instead.

Excite dog before you leave-- feed, pat, push, bounce around, whatever gets your dog worked up. Don't delay calling, or dog's arousal level will drop again.

Initial lead out (distance at which you are waiting to begin the run away...) may be small-- within the length of a leash, for example.

Consider using new recall cue, to accompany your and your dog's new habits.

Bend down into challenging "Game On" position, crouched, perpendicular to dog, call once then turn and run away, watching dog over shoulder

Keep eyes on dog, but don't back away-- run away, so as to engage chase.

Keep reward out of sight until dog is a few feet away.

Dog arrives-- party!! Tug and tug, and laugh and praise. If feeding, feed and move and feed and move and praise. Make it exciting.

Celebrate the little stuff

If dog runs on by you-- do not chase dog! Instead, turn around and run again, getting the dog to chase you.

Practice often, and in many environments -- 3 - 5 recalls at a time, 3 x a day., in the house, the yard, you neighborhood (assuming that you can make that safe...)