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Useful Links

General Interest

Dog Star Daily - A HUGE amount of information about training a puppy or adolescent dog. Videos, e-books, blogs...

APDT - The Association of Professional Dog Trainers

Ask Dr. Yin - Veterinary Behaviorist Sophia Yin's Blog

Puppy Selection Resources - Read about how to choose a puppy.  Let Waltham Select-A-Dog help you choose your top breeds!

American Kennel Club - Research breeds, find breeder information, and more.

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

Dogs and Children

Dog and Babies - Learning to Live Happily Ever After

Living With Kids and Dogs

Doggone Crazy - The Board Game -- Safety and fun!

Family Paws

The AKC's Children's Activities - Educational activities, fun activities, Junior Showmanship, and more

WorkingDogWeb - Kids' and Dogs' Spot - A list of web sites of interest to dog-loving children.



Gentle Leader.  Gentle, effective leash walking device -  See How-to's,  testimonials and more.


  The SENSE-ation and SENSE-ible Harness - training harness - encourages slack leash walking.

Pet Expertise -- Good source for the Easy Walk, Freedom, and Halti harnesses. (Other good stuff too!)

Toys, and other helpful products

The Kong Company General info

Busy Buddy Toys - A new set of "stuff-you-can-stuff" toys.  Great for keeping your dog busy being good!

Buster Cube -- a great "puzzle toy" to occupy and challenge your dog.  Especially useful for managing those "activity peak" times of dawn and dusk.  


Antlers - Natural whole antlers, durable, yummy chew.

Anti-Icky Poo by Mistermax --The best product available for treating pet odors!

Patio Park - Do you have a "difficult" housebreaking setup? No grass to be found- just a deck (or a garage, or a boat...)? Check out this site!

Pet Doors - Hale Security Pet Doors Pet doors that go through glass, french doors, and more.

Dog Gates .com - pet gates, dog doors and more!  Useful selections tools on the site.  Try 'em and see

Food Treats

Natural Balance - What does Penny carry in that pouch that makes the dogs so attentive? (Okay... some of that attentiveness comes from the trainer's timing, feedback, etc....but REEELY yummy food doesn't hurt!)  Can be cut up small, and it is complete and balanced, so you can replace part of your dog's diet with it.

Stella & Chewy's Freeze Dried Dinner - another yummy, complete and balanced choice


Clicker Training Sites

Karen Pryor's ClickerTraining.com - a useful resource for both experienced clicker trainers and those just learning.  Good books, videotapes, clickers, etc.  to order.

Clicker Solutions - Very useful web site.  See especially "Training Plans" and "Training Articles"

Courteous Canine, Inc. Dog School & Doggie Gym - Check out the "Clicker Training" page, and the More Info Section


Countering "Alpha" Myths

American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior Position Statements (See Dominance, also Punishment)

Debunking the Dominance Myth - Pamela Buitrago CPDT

The Macho Myth - Dr. Ian Dunbar

Talk Softly and Carry a Carrot or a Big Stick? Jean Donaldson

Reconsidering the Dominance Model in Dog Training Jean Donaldson





Pet Suites


Veterinary Insurance

Pet Insurance - Consumer Reviews http://www.petinsurancereview.com

Animal Hospitals

Canyon Animal Hospital

Pacific Park Animal Hospital

Marina Hills Animal Hospital

Arbor Animal Hospital

Northwood Animal Hospital

Pacific Coast Veterinary Hospital

Multi Specialty Practice and Emergency Clinic

Southern California Veterinary Specialty Hospital