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DubDubDog Animal Behavior Services

DubDubDog Vs. "Generic" Dog Training


"Lifetime" Status for Clients YES 

Questions 3 yrs after your class or consult? Please call us!

NO, definitely not!

Specialized Training Expertise                                           YES  NO
25+ Years CONTINUOUS Experience as Professional Trainer        YES  NO
Certified Professional Dog Trainer (C.P.D.T.)*                                YES NO
Unlimited** email support                                                                       YES  NO
Unlimited** phone support                                                             YES  NO
Class Homework Online                                                        YES NO
Exclusively client-centered website                                                 YES NO
Recommended by local veterinarians                                              YES NO
Consults to local veterinarians                                                       YES  NO
Are new clients obtained from advertising or "walk-ins"                    NO YES
Offers Training & Behavior-Related services ONLY***                        YES  NO
In-Home board & train available for special cases****                        YES NO

*See CCPDT to learn about dog trainer qualifications and certification

**i.e., Reasonably unlimited support for ongoing issues or clarification, or to begin to explore new issues or problems.
***i.e., You are guaranteed unbiased advice since DDD does not sell any products
****See In-Home Board&Train  to learn about the difference between ordinary pet boarding and DDD's "Board&Train."  A "supermarket" has no "home" in which to offer a board&train (i.e., with live-in trainers in true home setting.)


See also "How to Choose a Dog Trainer".




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