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Schedule of Classes


Homework for Group Classes
Puppy Kindergarten Homework

Dog School Homework


Canine Good Citizenship Class Homework

Click here to download the Participant's Handbook from the AKC

Week 1 - Review the CGC Test

CGC Week 2

CGC Week 3

CGC Week 4


Oh, Come On! Class


List of exercises:




Advanced Class Homework

My Dog Can Do That! Questions


Tricks Week 1

Tricks Week 2

Tricks Week 3

The What Do I Do When He Doesn't" Protocol:

(doesn't follow the first (and only allowed) command, that is)

  • WAIT (you will see him working, trying things… if he is stuck, or giving up, then…

  • "Too Bad" (use the No Reward mark phrase, such as Too Bad, show and remove the reward.)

  • Go Back to Kindergarten (make it easier, then gradually raise the difficulty level again.)

Do proceed in the above order—Don’t immediately make the exercise easier!




Using the training log may help you to be more analytical, and therefore more accurate, more effective and quicker in your training efforts.

Questions about it that we did not cover in class?  Call 949 497-7050 or e-mail Penny. New! Download (revised) Training Planner (as a Word Document).


Training Log




Standard (Describe):

# Repetitions