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We’re here to help. New puppy and can’t wait? Behavior problems to solve? Or maybe you’d like an activity for the kids and dog while they (and you!) are home. We’ll help your homeschooling kids homeschool the dog!

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Henry and the Drive Through

Henry the Maltese is reactive ( barking, growling and lunging) to strangers who approach the car. His owner reports he is particularly bad in the drive-though, so off we go for a field trip! I use positive reinforcement to teach him a calm, competing behavior.

Note– We had previously worked on a calm “Down Stay” on the mat that you see on the passenger seat, but ideally I would have also put in some work on doing the Stay while the car was moving. We had a bit of “criteria pileup” so that 1) the trainer is repeating cues — Naughty! and 2) Henry goes over threshold for a second and barks. He recovers nicely though, and is relaxed while we finish our drive through run.