What We Do

What a Good Puppy and DubDubDog are owned by Penelope Milne, an Animal Behavior Consultant in Laguna Beach, California.  

We offer:

  • A variety of Group Classes from Puppy Kindergarten through Dog School, Taking It On the Road, and more!
  • Private lessons and behavior consultations
  • Day Training (the trainer works with your dog several times a week, installing behaviors fast. You and the trainer work together weekly.)
  • Boarding and training
  • Staff training in animal behavior for veterinary clinics, dog daycare and shelter staff.

Penny is:

Penelope is the author of magazine articles and of several books on pet training, including–  


          Kittens!  Why Do They Do What They Do?
Penelope is a consultant to animal welfare groups, veterinary associations, Dog Daycares and, of course, individual pet owners.  

Penelope Milne, CPDT- KSA, CBCC-KA

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