Class Descriptions

Pandemic Puppy  

$180. Pay online now

This online class allows you to meet your puppy’s needs (and reduce your puppy-related frustration!) while staying home and staying safe. Great puppy training contains three elements: Problem solving/problem prevention (house training, play biting, etc), skills training (Leash Walking, Sit, Down, Stay, Come) and socialization (confidence building and aggression prevention, designed around stay-at-home restrictions!) In this class we will meet twice a week for four weeks in effective, fun, 45 minute sessions. Tuesday – skills training  prevention. Thursday  – problem solving/problem and socialization activities.

With lots of instructor support and group support from your classmates, too, you and your puppy will have fun and learn fast! For even more support, you are invited to submit video for review in between classes.

Good Dog 101 online

$180. Pay online now.

An at-home Manners class, taught entirely online!  Is the leash-pulling, jumping up, frustrating and embarrassing? Let’s fix that! We meet twice a week for just 4 weeks. Efficient and effective. The 1st lesson of the week your instructor teaches you to teach new skills;  the 2nd lesson is Q&A and supervised practice. (This coaching piece helps you to become an ever more awesome trainer for your dog, and apply those skills even once class has ended!) We’ll work on Loose leash walking, Come, attention to owner, and quiet settling (long down stay on mat).


(9–20 WEEKS) $190 (click to pay online)

Gentle, positive training and socialization are vital for all puppies. Topics include: house manners (house-training, play biting, etc.); temperament training (anti- aggression, handling and socialization); and command training (leash walking, sit, down, stand, stay, come, off, shake and rollover). Puppy Kindergarten participants have the opportunity to become “STAR” puppies via the AKC STAR Puppy program – visit

Good Dog 101

(5 MONTHS & UP) $205(click to pay online)

Gentle, effective, positive reinforcement training is ideal for any dog, big or small. Learn behaviors and skills for real life: attention, loose leash, walking, sit, down, stay, come, go-to- place, leave it; plus learn tricks and problem/solving prevention.


(price varies depending on class length. Check with instructor.)

In this class we practice the skills necessary for you and your dog to earn the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Title, often used as a screening test before Therapy Dog work. Your Graduation Class will be the official AKC test.


(5 MONTHS & UP) (price varies depending on class length. Check with instructor.)

(5 months & Up) Do not bring your dog to the first class! Taking our show on the road! This class meets at different, predetermined locations each week (downtown, the beach, the park and restaurants). We will work on attention, walking on a loose leash, come, leave it, stays with lots of distraction, dog greetings, etc. All dogs must be dog-friendly, and have had some previous training. Limited to 5 dogs.


You and your dog play and learn with closed and open tunnels, broad jump, bar jumps, tire jump,  weave poles and more! We practice ‘steering’ and control on the course, too. (This class does require prior training is not, however, a competition level class. Dog must be dog friendly.)


Therapy Dogs visit seniors, visit hospitals, help kids learn to read, and more.  To participate in class dogs should be confident, social and non-aggressive to dogs and people. Preferably your dog will already have achieved his Canine Good Citizen certification. 
In class we will learn the control, greeting and handling behaviors appropriate to a therapy dog. We will also work on the dog being comfortable around equipment, such as a walker or wheelchair, seen in a therapeutic setting.

(Note, therapy dogs are NOT service dogs. Service dogs are specifically tasked trained to assist a disabled person. They have the right of Public Access; therapy dogs do not )